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Welcome to our new LuxCut III Heads! 

What are the advantages of a spiral helical cutter head?
Due to the angle in which the knives are mounted to the head, you will stop “chopping” your wood as all straight knife heads do but instead slice the wood. This is the major difference and the reason for eliminating nearly all tear-out; even in the most complicated curly woods! You’ll get a glass-smooth surface that requires only minimum sanding with fine grit before you are ready to finish your wood!
Straight planer knives also cut a lot of air which is the main reason for extreme noise levels. Spiral heads in general cut the noise level of your machine down by as much as 20db, that’s about 4 times less!
Instead of wide shavings, your machine will produce confetti-like sawdust which is much easier to handle by your dust collection system and clogged pipes and hoses are a thing of the past.
The insert knives are made from high end carbide that typically stays sharp 10 times longer than regular HSS knives and with 4 sharp edges, you literally get 40 times the lifespan of your HSS knives with a single set of insert knives!
Knives are perfectly indexed and do not require any adjustment. If you do hit a nail or a rock embedded in the wood that causes those ugly nicks in your knives, instead of replacing all your knives, you only rotate or replace one or two inexpensive knives within a few minutes and are back to business!


LuxCut III Heads are spiral helical cutter heads that can be ordered for upgrading your existing jointer or planer to a machine with a super high end spiral helical cutter head!

Please note: LuxCut III Heads currently are only being offered for most common machines on the market. If a head for your machine is not being offered on this website, it means that it is not available. While the manufacturer is working on additional heads for other common machines, they are set up for mass production and will not make custom heads for very old or machines that are on the market with low quantities!

What is the difference in between the LuxCut III Head and other brands of spiral helical cutter heads?
To be honest, once you close the lid and fire up your machine, all that matters is what happens to your wood, (especially the high quality of the cut), the noise level reduction, and the dust collection support. You won’t find any negative difference between the LuxCut III Head and other leading brands, but there are a few advantages worth mentioning:

1. The LuxCut III Cutter Head body is made from a high alloy steel that is heat treat stabilized and finally black oxidized. It offers a long lasting and much better rust protection than other well known brands.

2. The Carbide insert knives are a new patented design with counter bore style that are much easier to locate and cut more accurate. It is strongly recommended to also replace the bolt for each knife when the knives are being replaced in order to keep the knife seating accurate. For this reason, replacement knives are only being offered along with the same quantity of new bolts.
3. The LuxCut III Head is currently only being offered for the most common machines on the market. 
We understand that delivery times are important and are striving to keep stock of all Lux heads and ship orders in 2-3 days, or at least keep the delivery times as short as possible when we do sell out. 
4. We strongly believe once you replace the cutterhead in your machine, it only makes sense to also replace the bearings. With the LuxCut III Head, you don’t need to wonder whether or not you should replace them as every single head is only being offered along with new bearings. Only high end bearings (non-China brands) are being used and the head including bearings is still more affordable than other brands without bearings!


So how is this possible, where is the LuxCut III Head being made?
The LuxCut III Head is made under contract in Taiwan, the same country where the vast majority of high quality planers and jointers in North America now come from!


Purchased this Lux Cut III cutter head from MyWoodCutters.com for my Delta DC-380 planer. I received in just a couple of days. Installation was pretty straight forward. I took my time and the installation took about 2-1/2 hours.

The first thing I noticed when I fired up the planer with the new cutter head was how quiet it was. I heard how quiet this type of cutter head was but I was still surprised. My dust collector is louder. So believe the hype.

The first board I ran through to test was a piece of oak. Again, believe the hype. The cut quality is fantastic. I then ran some peruvian walnut through and am still just amazed. I won't even bother running it through my drum sander it was so smooth.

This cutter head has taken a good planer and turned it into a fantastic planer. If you are on the fence don't hesitate. It is definitely worth every penny. Not only the cut quality but the time you will save from having a great finish but also no more blade changes.
John T.

This is a review of the LUX 3 cutterhead for the Dewalt DW735.  I was a little reluctant to first purchase this head for my machine.  I have done tons of research on whether or not the cost of an upgraded cutterhead would be worth it.  Boy am I pleased of this purchase..  The staff at MyWoodCutters recommended this cutterhead because of the ease of alignment when you install each of the carbide cutters.  The ease of replacing the cutterhead is an understatement also.   When I first turned the planer on I had to check my ears to see if I had my earplugs in or not.  The difference in sound when running is amazing.  It is quieter now planing lumber than when I had the original head in just idling.  This alone is worth it in my opinion.  Then when I ran my 12” black cherry boards through.  All I can say is wow.  Beautiful finish.  I planed about 80 board feet of 12” wide black cherry and each and every board is fantastic.  If I would have did this much planing with the original head I would have had at least one little knick in the HSS blades.  Not so with the carbide cutters.  So long story shortened.  Buy this head.  You won’t regret it at all.  And a special thanks to the people at MyWoodCutters.  Great to deal with and extremely helplful.


Brad Green